Email us photos of your current space as well as any inspirational images you may have (you can also share your Houzz idea book with us). At this point, we recommend including the layout of the room and approximate dimensions of the space.

We will meet in order to discuss the project and its specifications. If you have provided enough information in step #1, we can give you a rough estimate of the cost. This will help you decide on a budget for the project.

We will show you drawings of our design proposal and present you with a final price that fits within your budget.

Once the field measurements are taken (this procedure varies depending on what type of renovation you are doing), we will have the finished fabrication drawings approved by you. The manufacturing process usually takes between 6 to 8 weeks: from production to delivery and start of the installation.

Prior to the delivery, we will visit your site to make sure everything is in order. Our goal is to make sure everything will go smoothly during the installation so that it’s fast and easy for you. 

The big moment has arrived: the installation! Once the project is delivered and fitted, we will walk you through your brand new kitchen. Should adjustments be needed, we will resolve the issues as quickly as possible.